Be a "Yes Man" to Moving

Accept all forms of physical play.

This might be a challenge at the gym you go to, or your friend challenging you to see who can do 15 burpees faster, learning a new skill, taking a class or workshop you were invited to, or partaking in a ridiculous arm wrestle you were put up to at a late night party (big shout out to Jen and Becca this weekend, those chicks were cool).

The point is, you want to be involved in physical activity, and even if you don't really think you want to be, your body does.

I saw a quote on Facebook the other night, it ran something like this:

"The majority of people who argue about over-training, are the ones who aren't training enough."

And I thought to my self, "you know what it's true", but, there is a catch. With any amount of stressful and progressive level of exercise, there is a certain amount of balance and "self care" that a person needs to learn to apply, and actually enjoy as part of a healthy style, in order to avoid eventually/frequently getting hurt. It's really this fear of getting hurt and failure that initially persuades people away from partaking in something athletic in the first place.

But guess what? I'm not actually going to talk about that right now. I'm going to continue with my thought, which is right about when I agreed whole-heartedly with the statement and wanted to leave you with some reflections.

Be a "Yes Man" to all forms of readily enjoyable athletic activity. This could be fucking anything. You ever seen that movie? Be that guy. BUT be the good version of him at the end, when he learns to apply common sense and self instinct into the equation. We've talked about that before.

If you want to see strength, adaptation, skill development, endurance, and over all drive go up, then get on board with saying yes, moving, and stepping up to a challenge. Big or small, do em all. It's fun.

I'm not saying you need to step right up and go run an Ultra (unless that's where your at right now, in which case you might be the guy saying "fuck yeah" right now. I know some badass folk). But what I'm saying is I want you to think about every opportunity you have to move, play, learn, and compete, throughout your daily life, and get involved.

You'll not only see change. You'll laugh, you'll meet people, you'll have fun, you'll win, lose, and succeed, you'll make memories, and you'll be in the best shape of your life.

Because life is movement, and your body was meant to experience it.

Your body is actually programmed to want to move. In fact, there all types of kick ass hormones that are produced/balanced that are created from both the physical exercise portion of movement, and from the social stimulation that is provided from some of these "opportunities" to move. Your body craves that, and you will enjoy it when you experience it.

When you find something you love to participate in, whether its O-Lifting or just Rolling like a boss, you'll learn about what to do take care of your self because you'll be interested in a subject and love doing it. You'll love that you found that.

Just don't be a jackass to your self (and other people too for that matter, just a good rule of thumb), and listen to your coaches, your professionals, and most importantly, yourself. Basically, if you can-do, then do.

Say Yes to movement. Say Yes to life.

Jon Randles

Sex, Food & Kettlebells