Jon Randles Hump Day Tips - Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Hello beautiful people and welcome to the first post of a new series I'm excited to roll out from Sex, Food & Kettlebells. "Jon Randles hump day tips" are random but useful tidbits of information geared towards providing loose and provocative advice on love/sex/dating/relationships/communication, and will be featured on Wednesdays. The topics will often be based on scientific research, tried and true theories, professional help, and maybe even a few real life stories from yours truly. All angles of the subject will be covered in varying degrees, and from time to time I hope to have some guest posts from any "Sexperts" I can get my hands on. These articles are not meant to be offensive, sexist, or crude, but an un-censored approach will be used. Read at your own discretion. So now that proper introductions have been made, let's get it on!

The information in this article is not intended to be professional, legal, or medical advice. 

This weeks tip is "cleanliness is next to godliness". Want to sharpen your image, boost your sexual potential, and keep your life clutter-free at the same time? Clean and organized is the name of the game. Whether you're a man chasing a woman, a woman pursuing a man, or any combination of sexual orientation, this tips for you. There's multiple benefits to this one, so listen up.

We can probably all agree that having a clean house, a tidy bedroom, and an organized closet is a good idea, but here's why it's a good idea for your sex life. For starters, when someone is taking interest in another and they are introduced to their potential partners home, clean and organized says "I've got my life together". That's an important statement for most people to recognize when they intend to continue relations with a partner. Even if your life is relatively together but your home is not, the clutter will dampen your image. Vice versa, your life might be in shambles but if you can continue to maintain organization of your house hold then it won't appear to be that way! In any case, cleaning up your residence will only increase your chances of having sex there.

People (on average) will feel more comfortable taking their clothes off and exposing themselves when they don't feel like they're going to catch something from the sweaty bed sheets, and pillows that have been resting on the floor. I don't know about you, but empty yogurt containers, an over flowing laundry basket, and cat litter in the bedroom, doesn't turn me on. In a situation like that, even if the dirty deed does occur, most people probably won't want to come back. Being naked can be a vulnerable feeling, and the trick to removing that sense of vulnerability is to make your partner feel safe. Your place doesn't have to be insanely immaculate like an American Psycho, but how can someone feel safe when they're tripping over your dirty towels, and contemplating how you got so many holes in your wall?

The fact of the matter is that no matter who you are and what you're about, a cleaner image is a sexier image. This tip will still help you even if you are already in a relationship and currently live like a slob. Taking some extra time to clean up your love den might just earn you an extra special evening ;)

On a more obvious and boring note, becoming more organized will help you operate more efficiently and help you keep your life in order! So don't delay, get clean and sexy today.

Sparkle sparkle baby.

- Jon Randles