Circuit Quicky - Rings Required

Today I bumped out a nice little quicky I thought I'd share with you. The workout can be scaled to your level, or to meet your equipment needs. A set of equalizer bars will allow you to perform the movements with a lesser degree of challenge. The workout is as follows. Enjoy!

- Jon Randles

3 rounds of: 

5 Tricep Ring Dips (dip bars will decrease difficulty, dips on a bench will decrease it again)

10 Body Ring Rows (elevating feet increases difficulty, bending knees decreases difficulty)

20 Step-ups <10R/10L> (24in step or scale to ability, loaded or unloaded as needed)

*Coach's tip: as you flex & extend through the movements focus on moving your elbows/shoulders simultaneously during the dips and rows, and your hip/knee simultaneously during the step-ups. This is called Bone Rythym.